Dave Tamayo has represented the communities of south Sacramento on SMUD’s Board of Directors since 2015. He has ensured that our  community-owned electrical utility continues to deliver reliable power at low cost, while working for a bright green future. SMUD has shown that it can do this while reflecting the best values of the community and doing the greatest good for the people of Sacramento County.

  • SMUD rates must continue to be among the lowest in the state (currently 30% below PG&E).
  • SMUD must continue to have one of the most reliable energy systems in the country.
  • SMUD must be a key player in solving our climate change problem by maintaining its leadership role in our region and for the nation in environmental stewardship, green energy development, 21st century smart grid technology, and energy efficiency.
  • SMUD’s workforce and contracting practices must honor labor and reflect the community’s diversity.
  • All parts of the community must have a fair opportunity to participate in SMUD’s green energy and conservation programs.
  • SMUD must work strategically with public agencies and private institutions to support and develop a vibrant regional economy.